Shoot for the moon and if you miss, you will be among the stars.
– Les Brown

More about Shoot for the moon

The Cancer Society helps and supports anyone with any kind of cancer through their cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

By taking part in Shoot for the Moon, you’re helping to ensure cancer patients get the free care and practical support they need; from accommodation when undergoing cancer treatment far from home, to assistance from supportive care staff, and help to get to and from treatment.

The Cancer Society also funds cancer research and raises awareness about ways to reduce cancer risk such as being SunSmart and Smokefree.

You choose when and how to shoot for the moon.

You can complete this challenge by yourself or with team-mates and you can shoot your goals at home, down at your local park or court, during practices and games.

You can spread your challenge out over the whole month or really push yourself and make a day of it! Invite the family and bring the folding chairs (and coats)! Get a sausage sizzle going (another great way to get more dosh). And have fun, while you help fight cancer.

How do I get involved?

Click the Sign up here button to register, give us your info, and set your target.

We’ll send you your fundraising page so you can share it with your whānau and friends, asking for their awesome support as you start racking up your shots.

Remember to aim high! You can always do more than 384 if you’re up for it!

Got more questions? Check out the FAQ page.

How it Works

Accept the challenge
& set your target

Think you can make 384 shots in a month? Or maybe more?
Sign up and let us know your target. 

Play the sport you

Take the shots and hit your target.

Make a real

The funds you raise go directly to your chosen Cancer Society Centre. The more you raise, the bigger your impact so share like you've never shared before! 

The real heroes taking all the shots