Join us as we shoot for the moon!

Calling all players of netball, football, hockey, basketball or another sport you love – we are challenging you to shoot 384 goals in your favourite winter sport and get sponsored to complete your challenge. 

You can complete this challenge by yourself or with team-mates and you can shoot your goals at home, down at your local park or court, during practices and games. As well as shooting 384 goals, we’d love it if you set yourself a fundraising target of $384. The funds you raise will help support people with cancer across the Canterbury-West Coast region in many ways as well as funding cancer research and programmes to help reduce cancer risk.

Why 384?! Because the moon is 384,000 km away from the Earth.

This is the perfect challenge to get you active during winter and do something special to mark the month of Matariki and the shortest day.

How it works

Accept the challenge
& set your target

Think you can make 384 shots in a month? Or maybe more?
Sign up and let us know your target. 

Play the sport you

Take the shots and hit your target.

Make a real

The funds you raise go directly to your chosen Cancer Society Centre. The more you raise, the bigger your impact so share like you've never shared before! 

  • Ethan Vincent just donated $52.50
  • Rachel just donated $5.25
  • Molly Bool just donated $60.90
  • Lauren and Piper Boulton just donated $26.25
  • Em Siemonek just donated $25.00
  • Lesley & Wayne Douglas just donated $20.00
  • Karen Adamson just donated $10.50
  • Brookie just donated $10.50
  • N Skinner just donated $42.00
  • Lydia Friedlander just donated $26.25
  • Mrs., D just donated $26.25
  • Gina just donated $10.50
  • Emi & Niki Battson just donated $21.00
  • Ben just donated $105.00
  • Sugrue Whānau just donated $40.00
  • The PC’s just donated $26.25
  • Elle Rose just donated $11.00
  • Ella and Craig just donated $20.00
  • Evan just donated $26.25
  • Little Bee just donated $10.00

No One Should Go Through Cancer Alone

Every week, 500 people across Aotearoa find out that they have cancer. This means that during our lifetimes most of us will experience cancer personally or have a loved one go through cancer.

Funds raised from Shoot for the Moon will go towards supporting people with cancer across the Canterbury and West Coast region.

Read more on how we can help on Cancer Society website >